The word Sawaiho, comes from a combination of the Maori word Waiho, which means to depart or to leave and the initials of our founders. The passion we have for sailing, nature and exploring the world around us led us to share our experiences and create tailor made experiences for our travellers.

We believe in fostering strong and long-lasting relationships, which is why we have close connections to local guides. By ensuring our travellers have the opportunity to witness the most beautiful and iconic destinations with experts who know the area well, we can guarantee our clients get an experience that is truly tailored to their desires.

Though our speciality is the Mediterranean and Caribbean,our bespoke service is available for countries over the world. From the mountainous hillsides of Spain, the beautiful beaches of The Bahamas to the glamour of the French Riviera, our passion is assisting people in seeing the wonders of the planet.

Our all-inclusive, luxury yacht trips guarantee our travellers can relish in the natural vistas in complete comfort. Whether you are in need of expert chefs able to cater to any and every need or beauty treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best, our incredible client liaison service ensures our clients have everything they desire on board.

Sawaiho’s bespoke trips are perfect for the discerning traveller looking to see the world in style and elegance. Start your journey by talking to one of our expert professionals ready to assist you in creating your ideal trip.