Private events

Luxury sailing and yacht trips are perfect for a range of needs. Sawaiho is not limited to holidays and we are proud to offer a bespoke yet flexible service to a range of clients.

We were founded by people as passionate about business as sailing and travelling. This dedication to business is part of why Sawaiho is able to offer incredible corporate opportunities.

Our vessels are the ideal environment to build lasting business and working relationships and our experts have the experience and expertise necessary to create a setting right for the needs of our clients and their organizations.

We understand the need to motivate staff and boost morale to ensure the best possible outcomes for your firm moving forward. Our professionals will work with you to assist in creating the right ambience and pinpointing the correct location to guarantee positive results.

Sawaiho has had extensive involvement in helping our travellers give their clients or potential customers a truly unforgettable experience. Our professionals are committed to communicating with our corporate clients so we can meet their expectations and help them meet their goals.

Our private events aren’t just for corporate clients. We welcome honeymooners and those looking to tie the knot on board one of our vessels.

Sawaiho takes pride in being LGBT+ friendly. We believe in equality and want our services to reflect that. We offer private services to some of the most LGBT friendly hotspots around the world. Whether our travellers are looking for a romantic get away or looking to organise an event, we will always provide a welcoming and respectful environment while providing impeccable service.

Sawaiho offers great quality service, luxury accommodation alongside exquisite food and the best locations imaginable regardless of the private event being held.

Our experts are always professional and eager to ensure our private event clients receive the care and service they deserve. To begin your journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.