Our story

Sawaiho offers our clients unparalleled luxury, privacy and freedom while they embark on trips to the most beautiful and iconic spots the world has to offer. We are high-end sailing specialists with a passion for creating exquisite trips for those looking for an unforgettable sailing or yachting break.

Founded by two friends with a love of travelling, new cultural experiences and exploring nature, Sawaiho is passionate about offering our travellers the opportunity to see the world in a new way.

Our name comes from the Maori word Waiho, which means to depart. We work with our clients from the beginning to ensure their departure is everything they desire and more.

Sawaiho provides flexible routes ensuring travellers have a tailor made experience in some of the most iconic places on the planet. Our speciality is the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. We take pride in showing our clients the most beautiful hidden bays and secret treasures all over the world.

We believe our travellers deserve a complete expert and opulent service with highly trained skippers, expert chefs and hostesses alongside high quality airport transfers and quality services both on and off board.

Our incredible relationships with local guides with incomparable expertise of your destination is just one of many things that set us apart. At Sawaiho, combining magnificence and elegance with the beauty of the natural wonders our destinations have to offer is our passion. Having a local guide that can advise you on the culture and the wonder that surrounds you is something special our travellers always have the option of utilising.

From the wild, mountainous landscapes in Corsica or the charm and mystique of the Cote d’Azur, the Mediterranean is a gem that shines bright as the turquoise ocean of its beaches.

The Caribbean’s warm, beautiful oceans are the perfect place to embark on new hobbies like water sports. The islands are perfect for the travellers searching for an idyllic setting to unwind. The palm-fringed beaches are the perfect place let the world slow down.

The Mediterranean and Caribbean are our speciality. However, we offer incredible, all-inclusive sailing and catamaran trips all over the world.

Our trips are ideal for those looking to rest and recuperate or those looking for new adventures. Sawaiho creates bespoke trips, which ensures our clients have their ideal break.

Begin your tailor made journey by contacting us today.